Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bella's Dancing Dilemma by Josephine Young

Bella's Dancing Dilemma
Josephine Young

About the book:

Young Bella dreams of becoming a dancer. But her friends tell her to forget such nonsense. Whoever heard of a dancing dragonasaurus?!

Plucky little Bella will not be put off and sets out to prove that dragonasaurus can dance, with hilarious consequences.


I really enjoyed reading this book to my little sister, and she seemed to enjoy it as well. The moral of the story is to never give up. Keep on trying. Don't listen to others when they tell you that you can't do something. You can do anything you put your mind to. Don't be scared of new things, just close your eyes and think of courage. 

Bug Patrol by Denise Dowling Mortensen

Bug Patrol
Denise Dowling Mortensen

Cece Bell

About the book:
Wee-o! Wee-o! Wee-o! Woo! Bug Mobile coming through! Bugs are a misbehaving bunch, so Captain Bob, insect cop, has a busy beat. The beetles are using their bug mobiles like bumper cars, the roaches are protesting for better housing (down with roach motels!), and the crickets are up late, partying. Can Captain Bob keep the peace and maintain law and order? This enthusiastic, goofy-sweet read-aloud is crawling with fun rhymes, lots of action, endearing bug-eyed characters, and a few lessons in manners, too!

My Review:

I thought Bug Patrol was a very good book. I learned to be safe and not to be mean to others. The book also teaches to wait your turn in a line. Never stay up late just to be nosey. And most importantly, never speed because if you do you could get in a wreck and be seriously hurt.